21 841 grams of waste

For the artwork 21 841 grams of waste I emptied my wardrobe from accessories, clothes and shoes which had been there without any use, just waiting for recycling or disposing. I made notes of the information I discovered from these items, and complemented that with info I could find via web and from my memory. I measured these items and then dismantled them by cutting and ripping. From this process sprang up both immaterial and material substance which I transformed first into a textile sculpture, a two channel video and a printed publication. I have developed this artwork by remaking the textile sculpture and extending the printed material list. The work has been on display in three versions.

21 841 grams of waste begins a series of artworks through which I can examine myself as a part of the global market economy system. My curiosity to understand, what kind of things I get involved with the consumption choices I make in everyday life, drives me forward in my artistic work: I wonder what may lie behind the items that I have bought.



The installation view of a textile sculpture and a printed material list on a pedestal.

21 841 grams of waste (ver 2), 2018-2022. Used accessories, clothes and shoes, printed material list and one channel video.


List of materials (edit. 3, size 29,7 x 21 cm) used in the artwork 21 841 grams of waste.