To Be Seen

Solo exhibition at Köysirata Gallery in April 2017

To Be Seen is an ensemble of four video pieces, each of which creates a perspective on beauty routines. In the beginning, I tried to document evidence of my femininity, but later I was more interested in why am I doing these beauty routines in the first place. I think that beauty routines are related to the transition between private and public space. I prepare my body to meet others in social situations. This ritual comes in part from the need to fulfill social norms. I must look attractive so that I would be an accepted member of the community. One question behind my artworks is how social norms, particularly ideals and anti-ideals about the feminine body, can reach an individual’s private space. This is present in the ways how I see my body and how I treat it.  I also questioned the importance of beauty routines in my life generally.




A still image from a one channel video titled as My Pussy Is Too Hairy (2017). There is a foot and some fallen pussy hair on white floor in the image.

My Pussy Is Too Hairy, 2017. 170 x 300 cm. One channel video installation, 00:15:07, stereo. Still image from the video.



The installation view of an one channel video installation titled as Brevity (2017). There is a bottle of toner in front of white background.

Brevity, 2017. 250 x 120 cm. One channel video installation, continuous loop. Installation view.



A installation view of a three channel video titled as Repeating Performatives I: Circulation (2017). There is a dirty makeup sponge on white background in a screen on the left, an eye in a screen in the middle and a powder on white background in a screen on the right.

Repeating Performatives I: Circulation, 2017. Three channel video, continuous loop, mono. Installation view.



Repeating Performatives II, 2017. Two channel video, 00:12:04, mono. Installation view.




Video used in the one channel video installation My Pussy Is Too Hairy.

Animation used in the one channel video installation Brevity.

Installation view of the three channel video Repeating Performatives I: Circulation.

Installation view of the two channel video Repeating Performatives II.