Repeating Performances: Body Control

In this two channel video there is three acts which express the passage of time and control of the body. There is, side by side, a video about a beauty routine and an animation about a product or a body part related to beauty routines. I photographed my perfume bottle, hairbrush, and toes on daily basis during a few months for creating animations from pictures. I also recorded some beauty routines that I used to do in my everyday life. In the first act is a video of applying deodorant on an armpit next to an animation of an emptying parfume bottle. In the second act the video is of blucking eyebrows and the animation presents the growth of nails and hair on toes. In the third act is a video of hands braiding hair and an animation of a hairbrush being covered with more and more hair. Audio on this video is based on natural sounds from these beauty routines.

Repeating Performances: Body Control, 2020. A video projection on the wall at B-galleria.

Repeating Performances: Body Control, 2020. 73 x 229 cm. Two channel video, countinuous loop, stereo. Installation view.


Repeating Performances: Body Control was on display at my solo exhibition titled as Consumer Intervention (B-galleria, Turku) during November 2020. That exhibition was an artistic intervention to my consumption, and the beginning of becoming aware of how my consumption habits influence the world and what kind of problems are associated with it. Through my artworks, I explore my consumption habits, my beauty products and clothes, and look at myself as a part of the global market economy. I interrupt my normal consumption behavior by making an inventory of my wardrobe and by storing and washing the cotton pads I use in removing make-up. Doing otherwise moves me away from the usual ways and opens up new perspectives. What kind of a world do I help build with my consumption choices? Is it possible to act otherwise in a capitalist society, and what could be a meaningful way for me?