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Lesson 2: Talking about yourself

Dialog 1

mi's name is Tomas. – My name is Thomas.
mi have 25 (due ten faive) yer. – I am 25 years old.
mi is un studer en sporter. – I am a student and a sportsman.
mi stude da historie. – I study history.
mi sporte da fute bol. – I play football.
mi have da papa, mama, un brate en due siste in mi's famile. – I have father, mother, a brother and two sisters in my family.

Dialog 2

🧓 wa is yu's name? – What's your name?
👩 mi's name is Maria. – My name is Maria.
🧓 yu have wa meni yer? – How old are you?
👩 mi have 30 (tri ten) yer. – I am 30 years old.
🧓 yu du wa as profesie? – What do you do by profession?
👩 mi is un ticher. – I am a teacher.
🧓 yu tiche wa? – What do you teach?
👩 mi tiche da matematike in da mide skole. – I teach mathematics in the secondary school.
🧓 yu du wa as hobi? – What do you do as a hobby?
👩 mi stude di linguaje. – I study languages.

Word List

as as
brate brother
famile family
fute bol football
have to have
hobi hobby
linguaje language
mama mother, mom
matematike mathematics
papa father, dad, poppa
profesie profession
siste sister
skole school
sporte sports; to do sports
sporter sportsman, sportswoman, athlete
stude study; to study
studer student
tiche to teach
ticher teacher
yer year

Supplementary Word List: Professions

injener engineer
sekreter secretary
yoga guru yoga instructor