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A modifier is a word that adds some quality or description to another word, for example good, bad, big, and fast.

The adjective is always placed before the noun.

da nuve haus – the new house
da bele haus – the beautiful house
da nuve bele haus – the new beautiful house


Equality is expressed with the word as (as, like).

da as nuve haus – the equally new house

Comparatives are made using the words mor (more) and les (less).

un mor nuve haus – a newer house
un les nuve haus – a less new house

Superlatives are made using the words maxim (maximally, the most) and minim (minimally, the least).

da maxim nuve haus – the newest house
da minim bele haus – the least beautiful house

The point of comparison is introduced with dan (than).

yu's haus is mor nuve dan de's haus. – Your house is newer than their house.
de's haus is les nuve dan yu's haus. – Their house is less new than your house.

Equality is introduced with as.

wi's haus is as nuve as yu's haus. – Our house is as new as your house.