List of Worldlangs

This is a list of so called worldlangs, which are constructed languages that draw influence and vocabulary from various languages of the entire world. Most worldlangs are meant to be auxiliary languages.

Publication year Language name(s) Author(s) Current status Link to more information
2012 Pandunia Pandunia Academy Active Pandunia site
2011 Angos Ben, United States Active Angos website
2010 Paqatyl Jorge de Oliveira a.k.a. Kjor Olfaa, Brazil Active Paqatyl website and forum
2010 Vollanjo Niyameddin Kebirov, Azerbaijan Active -
2008 Ardano Zeinelabidin Elhassi, Libya Active Ardano site
2007 Sanua Risto Kupsala, Finland Discontinued Language description
2007 Sambahsa-mundialect Olivier Simon, France Active Sambahsa-mundialect wiki
2006 Lingwa de Planeta (LdP, Lidepla) Dmitri Ivanov, Russia Active Lingwa de Planeta site
2006 Demos Demos group Discontinued
2005 Neo Patwa Jens Wilkinson, Japan Discontinued Neo Patwa site
2003 Sasxsek Dana Nutter, USA Discontinued Sasxsek site
2002 Unish Institute for Universal Language, South Korea Re-activated Journal of Universal Language issues 2-1, 3-2 & 4-1
2001 Toki Pona Sonja Elen Kisa, Canada Active Toki Pona site
2000 Big Six Danny Wier, USA Discontinued A message in Conlang mailing list archive
1999 Acadon Leo Moser, USA Active Acadon site and blog
1997 Noxilo Mizuta Sentaro, Japan Active Noxilo site
1996 Ceqli (Tceqli, Txeqli) Rex May, USA Active Ceqli site
1996 Dunia Ed Robertson, Scotland Discontinued Description in
1995 Vorlin Rick Harrison, USA Discontinued Vorlin site
1993 Jigwa Jigwadx Jungdwei (Jigwa Central Team) Discontinued A draft of Jigwa
1974 Lusane Luis Sainz Lopez-Negrete, Mexico Discontinued A message in Auxlang list

Last update: 2013-03-09