Ole hyvä ja tyynnytä levoton mieleni

Joint exhibition with Mira Roivainen at Köysirata Gallery in March 2015

The exhibition was about intimate heterosexual relationship through feminine point of view.  In my videos I was considering how one can be fully oneself  and still be intimate with another person. At that time I was spending a lot of time together with my partner, often on the couch in the living room. This symbiotic life style was making me feel less myself although I wanted to experience my self as a complete individual. While striving to be more myself, I was moving further away from my partner, even though that wasn’t meant to happen.

The paintings are by Mira Roivainen. We also made an interactive installation together.



Exhibition view from the entrance to the gallery space.



Unohdin antaa pusun, 2015. One channel video, 00:05:12. Exhibition view.



Häilyminen, 2014.  One channel video, 00:02:20. Exhibition view.



Exhibition view of the back part of the gallery space.




Unohdin antaa pusun, 2015. One channel video, 00:05:12.

Häilyminen I, 2014.  One channel video, 00:02:20.