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2019. One channel video and the remains of a purse. 00:15:35, stereo.

In the video I disassemble my old handbag. Through this act, I lead the viewer to consider the valuation and consumption of items and the life cycle of goods. The video is shown on a screen and the remains of the bag are placed near the video on a pedestal.


2018 / 2019. Used accessories, clothes and shoes, a printed material list (and a two channel video).

For the artwork ITEMS I: 21 841 grams of waste I emptied my wardrobe from accessories, clothes and shoes which had been there without any use, just waiting for recycling or disposing. I made notes of the information I discovered from these items, and complemented that with info I could find via web and from my memory. I measured these items and then dismantled them by cutting and ripping. From this process sprang up both immaterial and material substance which I transformed first into a textile sculpture, a two channel video and a printed publication. I have developed this artwork by remaking the textile sculpture and extending the printed material list. The work has been on display in two versions.


2017. Exhibition at Köysirata Gallery, Turku.

To Be Seen is an ensemble of four video pieces, each of which creates a perspective on beauty routines. In the beginning, I tried to document evidence of my femininity, but later I was more interested in why am I doing these beauty routines in the first place. Among other things, I considered how social norms, particularly ideals and anti-ideals about the feminine body, can reach an individual’s private space. This is present in the ways how I see my body and how I treat it. I also questioned the importance of beauty routines in my life generally.


2016. One channel video installation in a shop window. Jussi Haro, Vilma Iivanainen, Riikka Kupsala, Emmi Länsman and Jaakko Myyri.

Fountain of youth was a situation specific art work in an international co-operation project called In Public, In Particular The video is playing with the mythical concept of the fountain of youth and also with the art historical theme of mortality, Vanitas. The video installation was presented in a shop window between a florist and a funeral home.